Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Journeys With John

Last night on HBO, I watched Alexandra Pelosi's documentary "Diary of a Political Tourist."

Pelosi, who's the daughter of House Minority Leader (and radical kook) Nancy Pelosi, previously had done an amusing documentary on George W. Bush's 2000 campaign called "Journeys With George," where she tried to make Bush out to be a buffoon, but he came out looking fairly likable anyway.

In this one, she followed the Democratic candidates from about a year before the primaries up until the convention. The program was interesting, though not as entertaining as "Journeys"--which is partially due to the utter dullness of the Dem candidates, and partially due to Pelosi's drastically ramping up the annoying Michael Moore Factor, this time making herself the center of events.

But there was one particularly interesting moment, which you won't be seeing in a lot of Kerry-Edwards ads before the election. John Edwards was being heckled by an effeminate anti-war protester in Iowa who was demanding to know "what about the thousands of dead Iraqis in the war you voted for?" So Edwards wheels around on the guy, points a finger at him, and forcefully says "I think I did the right thing about this war. I think we should have gotten rid of Saddam Hussein! It's a good thing he's gone!"

I don't recall hearing that in his vice-presidential debate last week.

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