Monday, October 11, 2004

When You're Wrong, You're Wrong

Since I try to be fair-minded here, even though I am unabashadly partisan (and I think it's possible to be both), the time has come for me to admit something.

Marc Bulger is a pretty good quarterback.

I was hard on the Rams last year for choosing Bulger over Kurt Warner, and I think that Warner has amply demonstrated with the New York Giants that he still has a lot left to offer (contrary to what some hysterics in the media were saying last year). But Bulger has led the Rams like a real all-pro over the past three games, and was nothing short of spectacular in leading the Rams' impossible comeback yesterday.

I think I was wrong about the guy, and I'm glad I was.

(P.S. The fact that the Rams have bailed out head coach Mike Martz the past few weeks in no way proves that Martz has suddenly gotten a clue about what he's doing.)

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