Thursday, October 28, 2004

Wake Me And Tell Me Game One's Tonight

Well, you all saw it, so I won't belabor it (much).

The final game was as disappointing (for a Cardinal fan) as the previous three, though I have to admit it was still fairly cool for my son to see a true piece of baseball history: the Boston Red Sox celebrating a World Series championship. (It still sounds odd to even say.)

Though we regretted the outcome, we congratulated some of the suprisingly many Red Sox fans in attendance on the end of their long nightmare. "St. Louis has great fans," every one of them said. "These are the classiest fans we've ever met. You guys put together (actually they said "togethah") a helluva team this year. What a great town."

Which is the kind of thing a St. Louisan wants to hear. Some criticize St. Louis fans for being too forgiving. In a lot of cities, such overtures to the opposition would be seen as some kind of weakness. But St. Louisans love their team like no other fans in baseball; they also just happen to appreciate anyone who plays good ball.

Whatever happens next year, I could use a little less "genius." Larry Walker, the one guy who hit the ball solidly in game three, BUNTING in the first inning with a man on first? With that kind of genius, who needs stupidity?

The Cardinals have won nine World Series titles and 16 N.L. pennants. They'll be back there again, and probably sooner than later. In the meantime, Red Sox fans ought to enjoy a well-earned, long awaited victory.

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