Thursday, October 14, 2004

People Bad, Government Good

Here's the entire philosophy of the Democrat Party encapsulated in one short John Kerry quote from last night's debate:
You just heard the president say that young people ought to be able to take money out of Social Security and put it in their own accounts.

Now, my fellow Americans, that's an invitation to disaster.
To a Democrat, letting people keep and control their own money is "an invitation to disaster." Go ahead, pull the donkey lever. See how long that "optional" government health care plan that Kerry's promising you remains optional.

Ten years down the road, people who want to buy their own health insurance or pay for their own medical care rather than use the government's bloated, inefficient program will be seen as "an invitation to disaster."

Once again, we see that the Democrat notion of "choice" only applies to gay sex and baby killing. It does not apply to choosing your own school, investing your own money, or planning your own retirement.

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