Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Hugh Are You?

The more I read Hugh Hewitt's blog, the more I begin to sympathize with the annoyance of my friends to the right (yes, there really are people--lots of them--to my right) with Christians over-identifying with the Republican Party. Hewitt's beginning to have about as much credibility as one of Joel Siegel's gushing movie reviews.

His "the parrot-is-pining-for-the-fjords" assesments of Bush's debate performances were bad enough, but his ridiculous support for Arlen Specter as Judiciary Chairman is simply over the top. It's this kind of craven political expediency that got Republicans into this Specter jam to begin with. If Christians are going to start playing Hewitt's margin-parsing calculus game with him, then they ought not to attach the word "Christian" to it and instead call it what it really is: unprincipled, gutless, political gamesmanship.

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