Tuesday, November 02, 2004

So Far, So Good

I just cast my vote at my precinct here in Broward County, Florida about an hour and a half ago, and it couldn't have been smoother. There were only a couple of people in front of me, and I was in and out and 15 minutes. No intimidating thugs for either side at the polling place, and no lawyers asking me if I thought I had been well-treated. I didn't even see any of Michael Moore's camera people.

Let's hope the rest of Florida goes that well.

I woke up with a pretty good case of butterflies this morning. I'm ready for it to all be over.

It's hard to get a handle on what will happen, but here's my prediction, for what it's worth: George W. Bush scores a narrow but decisive win. There will not be a repeat of 2000, because the confluence of events that caused that debacle are just too difficult to replicate. I believe we'll know who the next president is by about midnight Eastern time.

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