Monday, November 15, 2004

More Of That Vaunted Kerry-Voter Rationality

A friend of mine was getting into the hot tub at his South Florida apartment complex Saturday night when an old guy already in the tub began complaining about the temperature of the water.

"This water is way too hot!" the guy said. "It's ridiculous that it would be this hot!"

My friend just sort of nodded and smiled, not paying too much attention, since it was, after all, a hot tub. But the guy continued on.

"This is absolutely nuts!" he ranted. "The people in this state are crazy! I need to move up to a blue state, where people have some brains. People here can't even think straight. They can't make good decisions on anything."

My friend considered asking the guy if he really believed that the water temperature in the hot tub was directly related to the state's voting habits. He also considered pointing out that Kerry won Broward County, the county in which the scalding hot tub sits, by about 30 points. But ultimately he decided not to pursue further discussion with an obviously crazy person.

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