Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Kerry On My Wayward Son

Reporting for duty? Dismissed.

It’s all over except for the formalities, and yesterday’s prediction is about as close as I’ll ever get to being right on one of these things. It’s a narrow but decisive win for GWB, and the results became a foregone conclusion last night (between 1am and 2am, I think?) when NBC and Fox News called Ohio for Bush.

A few observations:

  • I wonder how many Democrats will still be out there trumpeting the “popular vote” today?
  • I heard a host on the fever-swamp liberal Air America network this morning sounding incredulous that Ohio’s Republican secretary of state “is actually going to let the vote-counting process play out, rather than just bringing the curtain down on it and certifying the results like Katherine Harris did.”

    Of course, there’s an explanation for that, though nobody at Air America is likely to understand it: it’s called “rule of law.” Ohio’s secretary of state is following his state’s laws exactly as Katherine Harris followed hers. Only Democrats could be amazed when public officials follow the law.
  • I feel none of the pangs of sympathy for the losing side that one normally feels in these situations. None. The Democrat Party is now the party of Michael Moore, Al Sharpton, and Patricia Ireland. They’re evil. This election, following on the heels of the 2002 shocker, might very well be the death knell of the Democrat Party as a significant national force.

    Good riddance.
  • President Bush in 2002 cut off American funding for the United Nations Population Fund, money which had been used for millions of abortions (possibly including forced abortions in China). John Kerry had promised in his campaign to restore “full funding” to the Fund. Don’t you holier-than-thou utopian political purists tell me this choice didn’t matter.
  • Has any public figure ever more deserved to have his public career come to an ignominious end than Tom Daschle?
  • Thank you, thank you, thank you Howard Dean! You won this election for George W. Bush. (Oh, c'mon Michael Moore, you know we haven't forgotten you...) Some Dems are now clamoring for you to become the new DNC chairman. After holding the presidency, kicking out Daschle, and picking up four Senate votes, I wouldn’t have thought it could get any better. But if Howard Dean become the DNC chairman, I was wrong—it can get better!
  • The mainstream of the Democrat party was hijacked by radical extremists. Dems had somehow convinced themselves that the reason they lost the 2000 election is because they hadn’t run far enough to the left. One wonders how much electoral repudiation will be required before the remaining sane members of the party take it back?
  • About 4am, I saw a Democrat talking about how President Bush was going to need to make some “bold appointments” in his second term in order to “heal the division.” Translation: Bush owes it to us to appoint more Democrats to his cabinet.

    My response: You’ve got to be kidding me. The Dems moved further to the Left, Bush soundly defeated them, Republicans picked up four seats in the Senate and a handful in the House, the left-wing Senate majority leader was unceremoniously dumped by his own state, and the Republicans need to move to “heal the division?” Wake up, Democrats! The nation has abandoned you. Your recent policies and ideas have been repudiated on an almost unimaginable scale. The nation has demonstrated in every way available to it that you don’t represent its views.

    Sorry, it’s not Bush and the Republicans’ jobs to find their way to you after yet another resounding national win. You’re the ones that need to do some major changing.

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