Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Brush With Greatness

Okay, this is weird.

I don't watch so-called "Reality TV." At all. I've never seen "Survivor." I've seen maybe five minutes of "American Idol." I'm just not into it.

That having been said, I've heard a little bit about (and saw a promo for) something on the WB called "High School Reunion." They take a bunch of people ten years out of the same high school, stick them on an island somewhere, and they relive all the unresolved drama of their high school years.

This time around, the big buzz is that there's an insane woman on the show. Evidently she was jilted by some boyfriend (who's also on the island) back in high school, and now she's insanely pursuing him again. It's been written about by many, including Bill Simmons, my man over at (who says "Believe me, I wouldn't make a statement like this lightly -- there's a chance that she could be the craziest person in the history of reality-TV").

Anyway, I just went and picked my lunch up at Subway down the street here. There was a woman there holding forth at a table with six or seven people gathered around her, and she was talking about how she had been treated on "reality TV" and all the lessons she had supposedly learned. The people around her were asking about "hall passes," whatever that means.

Yup, you guessed it: It was crazy girl.

I checked the show out on the internet when I got back to the office, and sure enough, the high school being featured on the program is here in Ft. Lauderdale. She's listed as "Jaime, the Obsessed Ex."

She didn't strike me as crazy, though. Just a little self-involved and vacuous in that Valley Girl sort of way.

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