Thursday, December 16, 2004

'Tis The Season To Be Hackneyed

It has become a perennial Christmas rite that at least one of the three major newsmagazines will publish a cover story on Jesus, examining the issue of his life and work with scholars running the gamut from liberal to super-liberal.

This year, it was Newsweek that stepped up to the plate with its entirely predictable offering. It includes the requisite copious quotes from the wildly liberal and unorthodox Jesus Seminar, a group far beyond the fringe of respectable Biblical scholarship--liberal or otherwise--yet the darling of the media on all things Christian nonetheless.

Rather than going through each of the myriad errors (which would take months), I'll simply direct you to those who've already done a great job debunking it, such as Hugh Hewitt, Dr. Albert Mohler, and Mark D. Roberts, whose terrific treatment is the most extensive point by point refutation I've seen.

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