Thursday, December 09, 2004

Holy Cow!

Anthony Flew, perhaps the world's most famous atheist, has announced that he has given up his atheism due to scientific investigation.

According to ABC News:
A British philosophy professor who has been a leading champion of atheism for more than a half-century has changed his mind. He now believes in God more or less based on scientific evidence, and says so on a video released Thursday.

At age 81, after decades of insisting belief is a mistake, Antony Flew has concluded that some sort of intelligence or first cause must have created the universe. A super-intelligence is the only good explanation for the origin of life and the complexity of nature, Flew said in a telephone interview from England.
While such a faith won't do him any good, it's still a stunning admission from one whose atheism has been so prominent.

Says the article:
[B]iologists' investigation of DNA "has shown, by the almost unbelievable complexity of the arrangements which are needed to produce (life), that intelligence must have been involved," Flew says in the new video.

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