Friday, September 22, 2006


Maybe I just live in a weird neighborhood, but...for over a week now, at least three homes near us have already been decked out with Halloween decorations. And I'm not just talking about some little witch-smashed-into-the-phone-pole decoration (and that one just gets funnier every year)--I'm talking mock graves in the yard, lit ghosts and witches, and orange lights in the trees.

I mean, it's September 22. People always complain about how early the Christmas decorations seem to go up, and I agree it's overdone. But I don't know anybody who puts up Christmas decorations six weeks ahead of time.

I'm not one of these wildly anti-Halloween people. I don't get all wadded up about it like some of my fellow Christians. But I've gotta wonder about an adult who gets so excited about a "holiday" in which kids dress like Superman and go begging for Milk Duds that he can't even restrain himself until October before running out to plug in the full-yard spinning-goblin-in-a-lit-plastic-dome.

"No, honey, I ain't letting Halloween season get away from us again this year. We get so busy during the season it'll just suck all the joy out of you if you let it. Well not me. This year, I'm going to savor it. It's already Labor Day--get me all our white sheets."

I could never let somebody with that sort of Halloween fetish operate on me or represent me in court. Change my muffler, maybe. But that's it.

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