Thursday, September 14, 2006

Hey, Hey, I'm A Monk-ee

After a few kind notices of Your Humble Servant over the past week, The Internet Monk, Michael Spencer, asks for some sidebar love and receives. (And perhaps this will even be a step towards rectifying my own inexplicable absence on the his blogroll...)

And while we're on the subject, imagine my suprise to find the iMonk get a shout-out in this week's TIME magazine cover story on the health and wealth gospel. (Like with the Salon article, you have to watch a short--and LOUD--ad in order to read the whole thing online, but it's worth it. One of the fairest pieces on evangelical Christianity I've ever seen in the mainstream media.)

Says TIME:
Respected blogger Michael Spencer--known as the Internet Monk--asked, "How many young people are going to be pointed to [Joel] Osteen as a true shepherd of Jesus Christ? He's not. He's not one of us."
I'm sure he's getting a lot of fun reactions to that one.

If all this back and forth linking keeps up, people are either going to think that I've become a squishy emerging Christian, or that Michael has started believing the Bible again. (Oh, c'mon, it's a little joke! Settle down, everybody.)

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