Monday, December 15, 2003

It was amusing to watch CNN yesterday. I wish I had written down the time and the reporter involved, but I swear at one point they had a reporter saying "The Iraqis we've talked to expressed disappointment in Saddam and anger at the U.S."--underneath video of Iraqis dancing in the streets.

In fairness, that was not the dominant tone of anyone's coverage that I saw. In the early afternoon hours, it seemed like the cable networks were trying to run in some experts to wring their hands and convince us that the capture of Saddam was a Bad Thing ("It will probably result in more attacks, and awaken the pro-Saddam loyalists inside and outside Iraq!"), but by mid-afternoon, they had given up on the Doom Project, recognizing that even they couldn't successfully spin Saddam's capture as anything other than an unqualified success.

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