Monday, December 15, 2003

Okay, I'm going to stop complaining and just enjoy it. The Rams are now 11-3, have clinched their division, and have a legitimate shot at home field throughout the playoffs.

Sure, yesterday's win over the Seahawks was typically unconvincing, and sure their lucky break this time was an official getting tangled up with a Seattle wide-receiver on the potential game-winning touchdown pass. But the simple fact is that this Rams team is at least as good as anyone else in the NFC (not that that's saying much).

I'm still dubious of their playoff potential, but I'm through whining about it. Marc Bulger is their quarterback and they don't beat anybody by more than about 7 points, but you don't go 11-3 by accident in the NFL. As the old sports saying goes, "It's better to be lucky than to be good." They're pretty good and they're very lucky, and that might just be enough to do it in this league.

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