Monday, December 01, 2003

Okay. Since I've been hard on the Rams lately, I have to give credit where credit is due. They came up with a decisive, no-doubts win yesterday against a team (the Vikings) that is in first place in its division. Obviously, it's much better than a loss, and much better than just squeaking by.

Still, while I know it will place me at odds with the cheerleaders in the St. Louis press corps, reality constrains me to point out that the Vikings are in first place in a lousy division (the new NFC North, in which two of their wins have come against the Detroit Lions) and are a team that, after a strong start, have lost five of their last six games.

On top of that, Marc Bulger had another thoroughly mediocre day, throwing 20 passes for 220 yards with one interception and one touchdown in a game in which his team scored 48 points.

Fortunately for the Rams, Marshall Faulk seems to be back to his normal, superlative level, and the defense is playing great football. If both of those things continue, the Rams might end up having an opportunity to win a playoff game. But if they do (and I maintain we still haven't seen them beat anyone who's a legitimate contender for anything), it won't be because of their once-great offense, but in spite of it.

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