Wednesday, December 03, 2003

More on the more-on:

Justice O'Connor's timing couldn't be better. As Bill Federer's daily "American Minute" points out, it was 200 years ago today that Congress, at the behest of President Jefferson, ratified a treaty with the Kaskaskia Indians, which read in part:
And whereas the greater part of the said tribe have been baptized and received into the Catholic Church, to which they are much attached, the United States will give annually, for seven years, one hundred dollars toward the support of a priest of that religion, who will engage to perform for said tribe the duties of his office, and also to instruct as many of their children as possible, in the rudiments of literature, and the United States will further give the sum of three hundred dollars, to assist the said tribe in the erection of a church.
C'mon, Sandy, open a book. As Emil Faber once said, "Knowledge is good."

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