Tuesday, December 16, 2003

It's going to be great fun to watch the Democratic Party implode as a result of Saddam's capture. The party had already painted itself into a corner over the war, and the capture leaves them in a very tough spot. They throw out the obligatory "Of course, Saddam was a bad guy, and it's good that he's no longer at large"-es, but you can tell their heart's not really in it. The little act won't last more than a few more days, and the cracks (or the crackpots, to be more accurate) are already showing.

Today's most entertaining tidbit comes from noted Democrat kook Jim McDermott (D-Wash), who was previously best known for snuggling up to Saddam in Bagdhad before the war. According to the Associated Press:
The Washington congressman who criticized President Bush while visiting Baghdad last year has questioned the timing of the capture of deposed Iraqi President Saddam Hussein.

Rep. Jim McDermott, D-Wash., told a Seattle radio station Monday the U.S. military could have found Saddam "a long time ago if they wanted." Asked if he thought the weekend capture was timed to help Bush, McDermott chuckled and said: "Yeah. Oh, yeah."

The Democratic congressman went on to say, "There's too much by happenstance for it to be just a coincidental thing."

When interviewer Dave Ross asked again if he meant to imply the Bush administration timed the capture for political reasons, McDermott said: "I don't know that it was definitely planned on this weekend, but I know they've been in contact with people all along who knew basically where he was. It was just a matter of time till they'd find him.

"It's funny," McDermott added, "when they're having all this trouble, suddenly they have to roll out something."
Ah, yes. "When they're having all this trouble." Things were going quite terribly, what with the sudden surge in the economy and the Dow closing at over 10,000 for the first time in forever. Of course Bush just waited to do this, since he couldn't have used a boost at all, say, about three or four months ago. And certainly he stands to gain much more by pulling Saddam out of the ground now, rather than, say, next October a few weeks before the election.

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