Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Alan Colmes (the liberal guy from Fox News' "Hannity and Colmes") has a nighttime radio program which recently was picked up here in South Florida.

Last night, in talking about the new (and abominable) Medicare bill, Colmes was predictably whining about how it didn't go far enough, since it could possibly lead to the horror of privatization later in the decade. "I mean, who are you going to trust," he asked, "the government or these corporations?"

By the rhetorical tone he was using, he seemed to think the answer was self-evident: the government. He went on to describe corporations as being "greedy" and "only concerned with profits." In contrast, he said, the government is "benevolent." Yes, he actually used the word "benevolent."

Hey, look, I know that this is (and has always been) the way that liberals view the government (and business, for that matter). But I don't know if I've ever actually heard one be so bold and blunt to say it just the way the conservatives always parody them as saying it.

He summed up by saying "You see, this is the difference between liberals and conservatives. Conservatives put their trust in corporations, while liberals put their trust in the government." Well, I can't argue with that assessment too much. But I'm more convinced than ever that Colmes is actually a conservative hired by Roger Ailes to satirize liberals.

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