Friday, November 21, 2003

Yesterday, I interviewed Mat Staver of Liberty Counsel, a great champion of religious liberty, on local radio. He said he thinks it's possible that the gay marriage ruling in Massachusetts may be too much, too soon, and that (paraphrasing Admiral Yamamoto after the Pearl Harbor attack) they may have "awakened a sleeping giant."

Though acceptance of homosexuality has been gaining, most polls show that Americans are still overwhelmingly opposed to gay marriage. Staver thinks political opposition is strong enough and widespread enough that legitimate work can begin on the "Defense of Marriage" constitutional amendment. I hope he's right.

On the other hand, Jonah Goldberg makes a strong case today that both Republicans and Democrats are scared to death of the issue, and just want to leave it to the judges. As Goldberg points out, there's no denying a strong gutless streak on both sides of the aisle:
As with abortion and affirmative action, both parties are so scared of seeming "divisive," they'd rather have an unelected judiciary make the tough calls for them. There's no easier dodge for a politician than "It's out of my hands." The end result is a public policy fait accompli, crafted and implemented without democratic input at any level.
This would be a good time to let your representatives know that you'd like them to move forward on a constitutional amendment.

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