Monday, November 17, 2003

Marc Bulger had another mediocre outing for the St. Louis Rams yesterday, though the defense played well enough that they were able to leave Chicago with a 23-21 victory against the awful Bears. Still, it makes me want to cry to see what's become of "The Greatest Show on Turf."

Kurt Warner, predictably, displayed incredible class again yesterday. According to St. Louis Post-Dispatch columnist Jeff Gordon:
...Kurt Warner rallied behind Bulger, encouraging Martz to stick with the kid in the second half when the game appeared to be slipping away. Warner knows that the starting quarterback can't operate with one eye looking over his shoulder.
There are so many people who want to hate Warner, but he always makes it difficult by walking the walk to go along with his talk.

Still, while Bulger has bought himself another game, his leash is getting shorter and shorter. As Gordon points out:
But the reality is this: Bulger, 7-2 as a starter this season, could very easily be 4-5. The Rams were fortunate to beat San Francisco and Baltimore at home and Chicago on the road.

In nine starts, Bulger has turned the ball over 16 times. His passer rating for his last three games was 79.3, 29.3 and 72.7. The franchise savior has become Just Another Quarterback before our eyes.
The shame of it is, the Rams will likely be going with the strictly ordinary Bulger next season, while some other team finds itself with a two-time NFL MVP in Warner.

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