Friday, November 14, 2003

Taranto, after having a good outing the other day, ruins it all by adding reflexive stupidity to the Judge Moore debate today:
We'd say the Alabama Court of the Judiciary did the right thing yesterday when it removed Roy Moore from his position as the state's chief justice. Moore placed a Ten Commandments monument in the rotunda at the State Judicial Building, then defied a federal court order to remove it. His fellow justices subsequently had the monument removed, but Moore's defiance nonetheless prompted his ouster, on the grounds that no man is above the law. As the Court of the Judiciary said in its decision (link in PDF format):
Any person who undertakes a solemn oath to carry out a public trust must act in a manner that demonstrates both respect for and compliance with established rules of law of the institution that person serves.
Indeed. This doesn't mean we agree with the federal court that ordered Moore to remove the monument, or with the body of law on which it was relying. But the law is the law.
Good grief. Again, I'd love to know, James: what law? What law did Moore violate? Of course no man is above the law. But what you're telling us here is that no man is above the lawyer.

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