Monday, November 17, 2003

In case you haven't heard it in the mainstream media, things are off to a flying start at Harvey Milk High School, the new (and first) public school for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered teens in New York City. According to columnist Joel Mowbray:
Last week, police arrested five cross-dressing Harvey Milk students who posed as female hookers and robbed men who approached them for sex. According to news reports, the teens dressed up as female hookers, and when would-be johns approached to solicit sex, other students posing as cops would start “arresting” the men.

After allegedly taking wallets, cash, ATM and credit cards—and apparently brandishing a gun in at least one case—the students would say something like, “You’re not such a bad guy,” and “release” the men. But before the men were set free, several of them divulged their PIN numbers, allowing the Harvey Milk students to withdraw as much as $1200 from each person’s account.
But that's not the first crime out of Harvey Milk in it's less-than-one-semester existence:
Last month, three Harvey Milk students were charged with gang assault after a group of teens stabbed a man in the back with a screwdriver in the parking lot of a Starbucks coffee shop across the street from the school. Several of the alleged criminals’ classmate’s [sic] told the media that the victim had made homophobic remarks, but police told the New York Daily News, “This was not motivated by him seeking to harass them about being gay.”

The police official also told the Daily News, “The Harvey Milk students were the aggressors.”
Maybe it's not a fair statistical sample, however. I mean, after all, Harvey Milk High School has all of 100 students in it. So in reality, only 8% of the school's student body has been arrested in the last month. That's pretty good, right?

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