Friday, November 21, 2003

We've had a recent onslaught of Damn Dirty Hippies here in South Florida as a result of the Free Trade Area of the Americas meeting in Miami.

These protesters are the same "anarchists" (the term "anarchist" evidently meaning "those who spend all of trust fund on Che Guevara t-shirts, hacky sacks, and Phish tickets") who are always destroying Starbuck's (I don't know how to spell the plural on that. Starbuck'ses?) in Seattle and protesting world trade.

Fortunately, the police in Miami have been preparing for this for quite some time. They knocked 'em over and rounded 'em up yesterday before any of the brain-fried Dead-heads had any idea what was happening. Come to think of it, most of them probably still don't know what's happening.

The hippies will probably be protesting again today, but the police are rounding up lots of big, shiny objects to distract and calm them.

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