Friday, October 24, 2003

Ah yes, you knew they couldn't be far behind. Those fine patriots at the ACLU have now decided to involve themselves in the Schiavo case.

In the case of a helpless, innocent women who has twice been ordered to her death (via starvation) by judges and who has been denied the sacraments of her religion by her guardian-husband who stands to make hundreds of thousands of dollars by her death, one would expect those heroic crusaders for individual liberties to step in, right?

Right. And step in they've done--to argue that Michael Schiavo ought to be able to kill his incapacitated wife, who has been witnessed reacting in horror when told that she is going to be killed.

It's too bad that Terri Schiavo never raped and murdered a child. Then the ACLU might be interested in preventing her execution.

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