Friday, October 24, 2003

Well, the hometown Marlins are up three games to two. Their bullpen turns my hair a bit grayer each night. When we meet again on Monday, baseball will have a new World Series champ. Here's to the Florida Marlins hopefully vanquishing the Evil Empire.

By the way, a prediction: If the Marlins win, Joe Torre will quickly be out as Yankees manager--maybe by the next morning. Yet I don't think he will be fired by Steinbrenner. Rather, I think Steinbrenner will bury him in the New York media in a fit of pique the night they lose, and Torre will say "I've had enough of this."

With Don Zimmer apparently leaving, it'd be a good time for Torre to go too, since I have a theory that Zimmer has actually been the de facto strategic manager of the team through Torre's reign anyway.

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