Wednesday, October 22, 2003

As I was reading through this week's edition of TIME magazine last night, I saw an odd entertainment item featuring two familiar names that I couldn't quite place. As I racked my feeble brain, it finally came to me: the names belong to the two producers of the CBS Reagan television movie (though that upcoming film was never mentioned).

This item from TIME should give you an idea of the producers' rock-solid conservative credentials:
Now that gays are as ubiquitous on television as Law & Order spin-offs, actor-playwright HARVEY FIERSTEIN is set to break new gender-bending ground. Fierstein, who won a Tony Award for his performance as a plus-size hausfrau in Broadway's Hairspray, has signed on to play a divorced mother of two in an ABC pilot. More Roseanne than Will & Grace, the show will include "no acknowledgment that this is a man playing a woman, no winking at the camera," says Craig Zadan, who is developing the project with Neil Meron, his co-executive producer on the film Chicago. Fierstein will sport wigs and makeup for the role and may have romantic encounters.
Sounds like good, middle-American fare we can all look forward to. I think these are just the guys to present an honest, sympathetic account of the life of Ronald Reagan.

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