Wednesday, October 15, 2003

This afternoon from WorldNetDaily:
Terri Schindler-Schiavo's life-sustaining feeding tube was removed this afternoon in compliance with a judge's order as her mother and her husband Michael Schiavo, who demanded the removal, looked on.

...Doctors say if there is no further intervention, she will die in 10-14 days.

...Yesterday, the Schindlers [Terri's parents] released a videotape they believe provides convincing evidence Terri is not in the comatose condition her husband and his attorneys portray.

The tape apparently violates a court order, and Michael Schiavo's attorney Deborah Bushnell immediately responded to announcement of the tape's release, warning that if it is distributed, the Schindler family "will not be allowed to visit Terri unless [Schiavo] or his representative is present."

Robert Schindler distributed the video at a press conference yesterday in which he revealed Terri tried to convey to him she did not want to die, by bolting upright and trying to get out of her chair when told she might be killed.
As George Grant said today, "Murder by court decree is no trifling matter--nor is it the sort of thing that the church can disregard with a steadfastly averted gaze except at our own grave peril."

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