Tuesday, October 14, 2003

If you haven't heard about this harrowing story, you need to. George Grant has a particularly powerful treatment of it in his blog entry for 10/13. Here's an excerpt:
U.S. District Judge Richard A. Lazzara and Pinellas-Pasco Circuit Court Judge George Greer have condemned Terri Schindler-Schiavo to die by starvation--a slow and torturous death. Though she has committed no crimes, is not accused of committing any crimes, and is no burden to the state, the two men have steadfastly refused to acknowledge Terri’s statutory and constitutional rights--including her 14th Amendment right to due process.

So, why must this woman die? Because when she was just 26, Terri collapsed in her home under mysterious circumstances and consequently suffered debilitating brain damage. Because, her husband, Michael Schiavo has convinced the courts that Terri, now 39, is incapacitated and ought to have her feeding tubes removed.

Terri, although disabled, is not in a coma. She is not in a vegetative state. She breathes on her on and maintains her own blood pressure. She laughs, and cries; she says yes and no. She does however, require a tube into her stomach for nourishment and hydration.

Over a dozen prominent doctors and therapists have stated under oath that Terri is not in a persistent vegetative state and that with therapy she could be substantially rehabilitated. Indeed, Terri herself has clearly communicated that she does not want to be starved to death.

Despite these incontrovertible facts, Judge Lazarra and Judge Greer have determined that the excruciatingly cruel state-mandated execution should commence at 2 PM this Wednesday.
Terri's parents are begging to have custody of her to prevent the court-ordered murder. You can read the rest at Dr. G's blog.

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