Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Shockingly, reports say that the forthcoming CBS television movie on Ronald Reagan, starring Mr. Barbra Streisand, is going to be an inaccurate smear-job on the former president.

According to Drudge's account:
"This was very important for me, to document everything and give a very fair point of view," says Leslie Moonves, the CBS chairman and a top Democrat supporter [he sat next to Hillary Clinton during her husband's re-nominating convention].
It just goes to show that you can never trust a guy with a girl's first name.

The Drudge scoop previews a story to appear in the New York Times about the upcoming film. According to Drudge:
The film is set to air during next month's Sweeps. It stresses Reagan's moments of forgetfulness, his supposed opinions on AIDS and gays, his laissez-faire handling of his staff members. The scenes often carry a disapproving tone.

During a scene in which his wife pleads with him to help people battling AIDS, Reagan says resolutely, "They that live in sin shall die in sin" and refuses to discuss the issue further.

The film's producers, Zadan and Meron, acknowledge their liberal politics, as do the stars of the television movie, James Brolin and Judy Davis. But Meron tells the TIMES: "This is not a vendetta, this is not revenge. It is about telling a good story in our honest sort of way. We all believe it's a story that should be told."
And here I sure that liberal has-been James Brolin would offer a sympathetic portrait of the man who won the Cold War.

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