Thursday, October 23, 2003

I realize that I'm not saying anything that every sports radio host in the country hasn't said ad nauseum, but who in the world does Major League Baseball think is going to be following its sport 15 years from now? Last night's game ended at 12:30am Eastern time. The previous night's game ended even later than that.

Yes, it was nail-biting excitement. But how many 11-year-old kids got to see Alex Gonzalez's shocking game-winning homer in the 12th inning? An entire generation of fans and potential fans are never seeing the game's greatest moments. I mean, they're starting these games at 8:20pm!

My devotion to baseball was settled before I had reached double-digits in age, watching the big games on television. Because my son is homeschooled, I've let him stay up and watch the games with me since I have romanticized notions about the importance of fathers and sons watching big baseball games together. But both he and I are walking death lately. Everybody in South Florida is a bleary-eyed mess this morning. Why does it need to be that way? I know it's about money, but the games are running four hours anyway. Even if they started them at 7pm, they'd still cover all of prime-time. What's the deal?

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